Joe (bostonsteamer) wrote,

Aaron's story

This is a cute/funny story Aaron wrote for an in-class assignment:

Mr. Weirdo was born on Mars. He was shaped like a potato. His parents decided to send him to Earth. He was adopted by Lara & Max Dingelburger. His mom was so sad to leave her son that she exploded. kaboom!!! So his dad called and said “Your mom’s dead.” So he stabbed himself with a knife but Martians are invincible so he went to school and no one bothered him (did I mention that he was 100 million feet tall?) but he got homesick and cried himself to death. He never went to Heaven or the underworld so he had to walk the Earth for eternity. Someone from his funeral saw him and said “You’re not alive anymore!” and then he went to Heaven. Everyone in the world cried because he was the only person in the world who could lift an anvil with his tongue.
Tags: aaron, school, story

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