Joe (bostonsteamer) wrote,

Great start to summer

Around 5:30am, Scourge (the cat) brought a live bird into the bedroom and started playing with it. Her chase moved into the closet, which made a LOT of noise, and then onto the night table, where the cat bumped the remains of a can of PBR from the previous night, and spilled it onto my clothes and an external hard drive. (The drive is OK. The clothes smell like beer).

After putting the bird outside, I am awoken by my neighbor revving his crotch rocket bike in the driveway. He proceeds to idle it there for 20 minutes.

I'm finally able to fall back asleep at 6:30am. The alarm goes off at 7am. It's "Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Somehow that made the past 2 hours seem funny.

Tags: cats

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