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SWM seeks slim attractive freezer for cool relationship

I was really close to starting a blog about simple living, frugality, and other money/lifestyle topics, with a nerdy and lighthearted take (e.g. my post about energy consumption), but I figured it's all been written already. Instead, I pledged to write more here. We'll see how that goes.

0. I had a fun birthday that included some kickball and karaoke, two of my favorite pastimes these days.
1. I made this for Mike:
2. You should fill out this form and tell the county not to cut bus service:
3. We bought a 7.2ft³ chest freezer for $75 delivered. I borrowed a kill-a-watt from the library to check out how much energy it consumes. At current electricity prices, it's going to cost $25 a year to keep it running. Probably less, since I measured it when it was mostly empty and full fridges/freezers run more efficiently. I think it'll pay for itself in the first year, but it's one of those things that's hard to track. I've read that buying meat by the cow instead of by the pound can save a family of 4 almost $500 a year, if they eat beef frequently. We only eat occasionally, but even if we save $100 this year, that pays for the freezer and the cost of running it.
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