Joe (bostonsteamer) wrote,


I love stuff like this:

Picadee (Ray's new startup) is still in stealth mode, but as any good nerd knows, when a startup's splash page isn't informative, there'll likely be clues in the html source.

The meta description on their website says:

'The easy and private way to share photos with your family and close friends.'

Hmmm, that seemed too easy and it's a dumb elevator pitch too. I wonder what happens if I refresh. The description changed! It's one of 6 different descriptions, and they all have something in common. See if you can put your finger on it...

'Changing the game in a game changing world!'
'Share music with your friends on Facebook!'
'Simple easy way to send Grilled Cheese via mobile.'
'When 140 characters isn't enough'
'The best way to let your best friends know where you are!'
Tags: html, jobster, nerd and/or geek

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