A taste of darkness

My words got deleted [update, see below] :( So here are a few photos:

lulav and etrog sitting on a wooden table
lulav and etrog sitting on a wooden table

Kat made this "local lulav" out of lavender and some other plant. I didn't build the Sukkah this year, too much other stuff going on to add that as a stressor. But the weather mostly cooperated, so we dined outside quite a bit.

a cord of wood under a tarp
a cord of wood under a tarp

I moved this cord of wood into our ramshackle wood shed. They say to measure a man by his wood pile, so go ahead. Most of the pieces were ready to store, but there were a few troublemakers that really gave me a workout to split.

I think that our country can finally come together and heal around the topic of cord wood. Everyone I've talked to about it has gotten really excited and asked the same questions. So here you go:

1. How much did you pay? $200

2. What kind of wood is it? Fir

3. Where'd you get it? Lil's PE teacher

Update: the deleted content later showed up in a separate entry, so here it is...

Last time I went to Whidbey I got a little taste of the rainy season. This time the Friday commute (both commutes?) was dry, but I got a taste of what it'll be like to do the commute in the darkness. I had to take the late train, so I got to the ferry around 6:30pm, right as Shabbat was starting. I told Ven I'd ride to Heron House unless the weather was really rainy, and the weather looked to be cooperating. Even though the sun was going down and the temperature was dropping, it was still warm enough to spend the crossing outside on the car deck (the outdoor passenger decks are still closed). The ride from Clinton to HH was mostly peaceful except for the big ass trucks that pass so closely. I'll get used to doing the ride in the dark. It's safer than commuting downtown in the dark.

Since I was arriving later, we ate dinner right when I got home. It was a traditional chicken dinner with the traditional Shabbat drink: Snoop Dog wine. I spent the evening getting caught up with Lil and Ven. They lit a fire in the fireplace right before I arrived so Lil wanted hot cocoa. I had Girl Scout cookies instead. We played a funny game where one person would bang out a rhythm on this huge gourd, and the other person would make up a song using the Girl Scout handbook as lyrics. I freestyled a little ditty about keeping yourself safe out in the elements. It was the last night of Sukkot, so I brought the impromptu Lulav that Kat made earlier in the holiday. Neither Ven or I built a Sukkah but we had a quick Lulav shake out on the back porch. It was beautiful to be outside in the total darkness even without the shelter of a Sukkah.

The next morning we logged in to Zoom for Simchat Torah. It was yet another pandemic "first" and while it was certainly a shame to not be able to be physically present with the Torah, we made the most of the situation. Kadima hired a klezmer band and everyone danced at home with the closest thing they had to a Torah (for us it was a new Mezuzah that we hadn't hung up yet. We hung it the next day).

This weekend's "big chore" was moving a cord of wood into the "wood shed". I use the term lightly since it's just a few pallets covered with a tarp.


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